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Exquisite Doll Shoes Plus
Shoes for Male Dolls


Style: S84
Boot, Tall
Fits: Brett
Made of leather
Price: $55.00


Style S4
Fits: Elvis
Made of leather
Price: $35.00


Style: S56
Boot, Santa
Fits: Man of all seasons
Made of leather
Price: $45.00

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The above boots were made for the male
doll featured in the April 2002 issue of
Doll Crafter, the artical "Brett, A Handsome
Groom" by Monica Reo.
For more about Monica see our home page
Style: S85
Boot, High suede top
Fits: Brett
Made of  leather
Price: $55.00


Style: S88
Oxford, Small boy
Fits: Original Doll
Made of leather
Price: $25.00

If you have a male doll that needs shoes or boots, lets get together. I know I can help refine your dolls look with the right shoes or boots.

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