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Exquisite Doll Shoes Plus


Doll Shoes For The Discriminating
              Doll Maker
Offering, custom, hand crafted doll shoes.

Just a few of the doll artisans we currently create shoes for are :

1)   Pat Dezinski:

Pat produces original dolls which have been reproduced and sold through Paradise Galleries and Home Shopping Network. She also makes & sells one of a kind dolls to collectors.

2)   Monica Reo:

Monica produces original, one of a kind dolls, sold to collectors through  "Creations in Porcelain". Monica's web site can be accessed through our     "Contact Us" . Just click on the banner at the top of this page.

3)   Bonnie Elliston:

Bonnie is a doll maker whose Spanish Dancer won the Ali Hansen award, Tyler,Texas & Best of Show 2001 - Denver Doll Fantasy, 1st place blue ribbon, Best of category, Judges award. Bonnie's site can also be accessed through our "Contact Us" , under "BeBe babies".


No inventory is kept on site. All shoes are hand crafted to order. I am confident we will meet your requirement if a shoe style shown does not fit your special needs. All shoes can be made to match or coordinate with your dolls clothing. In certain instances the shoes can be produced of the same material used in dressing your doll.( All shoes shown on this site are examples of shoes designed for many known doll makers.)


You are required to supply a set of legs if a pair of legs to fit your doll are not on hand.

All prices shown on this site DO NOT include sales tax & shipping. Shipping is based on number items ordered. Shipments are made upon receipt of payment. Currently accepting Check or Money order only.






The shoemaker

Richard Dettloff has been experienced

in doll making fo the past 20 years.

To check out my shoes just click
"Products Catalog Page" below:

Products Catalog Page

Some, but not all, of the dolls that I have made shoes for are listed below:

1) Ali Hansen 29" ***

2) Ali Hansen 36" ***

3) Elizabeth Taylor 36" ***

4) Princess Diane 36" ***

5) Elvis ***

6) Man of All Seasons

7) Miss Jennifer 36" ***

8) Estelle

9) Standing Shay

10) Daisy Garland

11) Mod Bod

12) Bryce

13) Original Dolls by Pat Dezinski

14) Original Dolls by Monica Reo

15) Original Dolls by Karen Scott


*** I have legs on hand to make shoes from.

Please get in touch to offer comments
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